Plumbing and Gas

Friendly and professional plumbing and gas services

For years now, we have been servicing the whole of Calvary Alberta with our professional plumbing and gas installations, repairs and installations. We have a team of the best technicians who can help with any plumbing or gas need, whether it is pipework, showers, dishwashers, pipe repairs, bathtubs, faucets, garbage disposals, waterlines, sinks, or toilets.

We have a plumbing department that is made up of an expert team that can handle all problems related to water and pressurized fuel gas outside or inside every home, office or building. As far as a device can dispense, store or transfer water, we can repair, fix or install it.

Our Plumbing and gas services includes, but are not limited to:

Water Main Repairs

We use plumbing video cameras to accurately spot out the areas in your property with a plumbing or gas issue before proceeding to fix the water main. This service would save you both money and time.

Pipe Leak Replacement And Repair

A leaky pipe can result to numerous other problems in your home. We are here to stop it. Our team of professional plumbers will fully assess the extent of the problem before repairing or completely replacing the damaged pipe.

Sink Installation And Repair

Be it in your bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms, we install and repair all sinks. Besides installing and connecting new sinks to existing plumbing lines, we also properly dispose the old ones.

Faucet Installation And Repair

Is there a leaky showerhead or faucet in your home? We would not only fix the leaks, we would also ensure that there are no bigger issues with your entire plumbing system. We are also experts upgrading old faucets with new and very durable ones.

Fridge And Dishwater Connections

For every newly purchased refrigerator or dishwasher, there is a professional on our team waiting to install. Our fridge and dishwasher connection services are designed to ensure that your kitchen appliances are installed on time and in the right way.

Hose Bib Replacement And Repair

Every leaking hose bib should be addressed immediately before it transforms into something serious. Our hose bib replacement and repair services are extremely reliable, efficient and super-fast.

Just give us a call today to book any of our plumbing and gas services